Proof of principle

"Is a realization of a certain method or idea(s) to demonstrate its feasibility"

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PS3 controller Long range

April 4, 2013  Inspired by similair projects I decided to develop a custom PS3 RC controller pcb. So I ordered a used PS3 controller on Ebay, the guy told me it was an original Sony controller......not! After some googling on the model number: CECHZC2H I found out that this is a fake one. When using this cheap fake controller for the project there is probably only one version, so when I need spare parts it's easy to get them........ Read more >

iRobot Wi-Fi Adapter

October 10, 2013  A while ago I discovered that iRobot had placed a mini-din connector behind a flap. After some research I found out that the serial specification of this connector has been published on the web by the iRobot company. It is possible to read out all of the sensor data and control all of the actuators! How cool is that! I thought it would be cool to be able to control the Roomba on my smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately there are no Roomba Wi-Fi adapters for sale. So I decided to build one myself.......... Read more >

Smart dinrail Wi-Fi

October 10, 2015  Of course there are lots and lots of smart gateways available at the moment, so what makes this one special? Especially the compact form factor and installation location. This one is placed in the meter cupboard (out of sight!). It uses on of the latest and cheap Wi-Fi module from Espressif, the ESP8266-12. Beside, it's possible to directly control two mains loads from the module. And it's possible to trigger on the doorbell press......... Read more >

Hackaday Long range Xbee controller  

June 19, 2013 • "Sony’s DualShock 3 controller can be seen in a number of projects here on Hackaday. There’s a reason for this: it’s easy to sniff the Bluetooth signals coming out of this controller and make any electronics project do your remote control bidding. Bluetooth has a fairly limited range, though, so what happens if you’d like to use this very comfortable and very functional controller over a mile or so? Just replace the mainboard of the controller with a new design using an Xbee radio. It’s a great project from the workbench of [Marcel] and looks to be just the solution for an awesome Xbee remote control.

The Sony DualShock 3 controller is designed around a single main board for the bulk of the electronics and analog sticks with three daughterboards used for every other button on the controller. Marcel took the main board out of his controller and stated to reverse engineer the thing, keeping the USB charging, PC communication, force feedback and LED indicators. Instead of Bluetooth as in the original circuit, [Marcel] used a 60mW XBee radio, allowing him to control just anything connected to another XBee radio with a range of up to a mile.

The new main board is a direct drop in replacement for the original DualShock 3 mainboard, and the only modification to the controller is drilling a small hole for the new antenna. It’s a great piece of kit for RC vehicles of any kind, and it’s fully programmable for whatever robotics project you might have in mind."..... Read more > Innovative lifestyle 

December 2, 2013 • "Een Nederlander heeft een wifi-module voor de Roomba ontwikkeld waarmee je de robotstofzuiger via apps of computers kan besturen.

Die Roomba-robotstofzuigers zijn handig, maar jammer is dat ze nog altijd niet standaard via mobiele apps zijn te bedienen. Nederlander Marcel is een crowdfundingactie gestart voor een wifi-module voor de Roomba-robotstofzuiger. Daarmee kan je via smartphones, tablets of computers je Roomba besturen, zelfs overal ter wereld. En je kan data van de sensoren van de stofzuiger ontvangen.

De module sluit je aan de bovenkant van de Roomba aan op de externe seriële poort met een zogeheten mini-DIN-connector. Onder meer de motoren, leds en de speaker zijn te bedienen. Ook is het mogelijk om sensorgegevens op te vragen van de stofzuiger. Eventueel zijn ook nieuwe functies te programmeren.

De wifi-module kost 69 euro. Hij moet voor 10 januari via Indiegogo 7 duizend euro hebben opgehaald. De wifi-module zou de accuduur van de Roomba nauwelijks verkleinen. Er zijn al enkele apps voor iOS en Android waarmee je de Roomba kan bedienen via draadloze verbindingen, omdat er ook al Bluetooth-modules voor het apparaat zijn gemaakt."..... Read more >