Long range receiver

This will be a part of the custom PS3 controller project, but the receiving side. I already decided to use this housing for the project:


Features for the PS3 Xbee receiver:

Long range 60mW Xbee Pro transceiver!

– Will fit like any RC receiver, just connect it to your ESC and servos.

– Accelerometer sensor for force feedback to the PS3 controller.

– 4 servo or motor connections possible (pan/tilt camera, steering and motor!).

– 2 ADC inputs.

– 2 open collector outputs, for example lights.

– On/off button for cpu sleep.


Work in progress! I just ordered the first prototype, see:

UPDATES!!! 13-09-2013

The good news is that everything is working fine! I just drove a few meters with an RC car! I still have to solder the accelerometer on the board for the force feedback and develop the software for it. It’s a very tiny package….

I will post a video soon!


Work in progress….

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